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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of what my lashes look like to give my customers a better idea of what they look like before purchase. However, I never got to it because…procrastination.

I had ideas to plan this huge photo shoot and make it an entire EVENT. You hear me?! I wanted every element of this project to be Black owned. This would’ve included booking a Black owned studio space, hiring a Black photographer, Black stylist, Black DJ, Black chef and Black models. I’d do the makeup for the models – obviously. Everything would be Blackity, Black, BLACK!! Fast-forward a few years, and it never happened because…procrastination.

I realize now that I was self-conscience about how my project would be received by others. I kept comparing myself to these huge Black owned businesses and psyched myself out. I didn’t believe I could pull it off. So, I never even tried to execute this project (and many others)...until yesterday.

Yesterday was a great day! I got a Black studio space – my vanity. The photographer was a Black woman – me. The model was Black – also me. I did it. I stopped lying to myself about not being ‘good enough’ and I DID IT. God gave me the idea, the strategy and the ability to execute my plan - perfectly.

I'm proud of ME.

Thank you for reading. Until next time.

Live. Think. Blog.

Written by: Linda Jay

Edited by: Tammy M.


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